From the Field

Learn how to level-up your landscaping business with smart, electric, and autonomous equipment developed in the field.

Welcome to From the Field, a new blog by Scythe featuring content on how innovation in the green industry can transform landscaping businesses for the better. This will be an informative resource for landscape contractors looking to level-up their operations with smart, electric, and autonomous technologies, giving you tips + tricks for deploying these future-forward tools.  

The field is where you'll find us. Parks, sports complexes, open campuses–whatever the field looks like, these outdoor spaces are where we test, learn, and work every day to build the most powerful and advanced robotic landscaping solutions we can. 

Scythe Robotics was born in the field. It was while mowing his lawn outside of Boulder, CO that Scythe CEO and co-founder Jack Morrison had a lightbulb moment: the robotic technology he was developing could solve big problems facing the landscaping industry. 

Scythe Robotics was raised in the field. Operating under the radar for almost 3 years, the growing team at Scythe brought robotics outdoors and off-road, putting generation after generation of prototypes to the test on the steep slopes and tough terrain that landscape contractors maintain. 

Scythe Robotics is in the field every day. Our team mows in three states, and we're deploying Scythe M.52 with early pilot partners this quarter. We continue to learn with every mow and we’re using these insights to build equipment that performs where it matters most–in the field.  


Follow along and use From the Field as a resource to learn about new technology, deploy new tools to your operations, and grow your landscape business. And while you're at it, check out Scythe M.52 to see the most advanced autonomous mower on the market. 

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