Top 5 Questions From Conferences This Year

See what landscape contractors were most curious about

Four conferences. Four months. Countless questions. 

This fall Scythe showcased the next generation of M.52 at the industry’s most exciting events over a jam-packed conference season. Our team connected with landscape contractors across the country to share the latest upgrades to the mower, which captured their curiosity. Here’s a recap of the top five FAQs we got about the mower. 

Scythe Conference Recap

1. How long does the battery last? 

Runtime is top of mind for everyone. You need enough power to finish the job every day. Packing a third of the battery capacity of a Tesla, the latest generation of M.52 gets a full day of mowing on a single charge. 

Grass conditions impact runtime but M.52 typically mows for more than 8 hours a day. An Austin-based customer mowing with M.52 operates four 10-hour shifts a week and their crews are frequently returning to the shop with plenty of power to spare. 

Electrification was by far the biggest trend across the industry at this year’s conferences as landscaping operations transition to zero-emissions mowing. Battery technology is rapidly advancing and M.52’s capacity will only continue to increase, helping you experience even more of the many benefits of electric power.

2. How does it work? 

While the technology powering M.52 is highly advanced, mowing with it is surprisingly simple. Map Mow Move

Map: Drive the perimeter of the area you want to mow once. M.52 remembers it for next time. No ground wires to install, no beacons to mount, no mapping the property every visit. 

Mow: Switch to Scythe mode and send M.52 off to mow on its own. M.52 uses Scythe Sight–our state-of-the-art computer vision technology–to detect obstacles, identify them, and take the proper action–all on its own. The mower will stop for a person or an animal but will go around a tree or a pole. 

Move on: Tackle higher-value services on site while M.52 mows, then pack up and move on to the next site. 

To see M.52 in action, check out our latest video.

3. What makes this different from the other autonomous mowers out there? 

Scythe M.52 is a fully integrated solution, built from the ground up to cut straighter stripes, mow steeper slopes, and tackle tougher commercial properties.  

  • Greater safety and better performance with reinforced sensors that are built into the mower
  • Faster response times when navigating around obstacles with our advanced computer vision steering our own commercial-grade hardware
  • Greater precision and control as well as more in-depth diagnostics than ever before from the mower’s smart electric motors
  • Intuitive to use and seamlessly fits into existing operations with its familiar stand-on design

4. How much does it cost? 

We’re rewriting the pricing rules to save you up to 40% on mowing costs. With our unique pay-as-you-mow pricing model, you simply pay per acre mowed rather than buying the machine outright. 

Pay-as-you-mow pricing allows you to avoid the huge upfront cost of purchasing a new manual mower and enables a cash-flow-friendly transition electric equipment. It also aligns our business with yours: M.52 is built to last longer and mow more because we want to maximize uptime, just like you. 

5. How and when can I get one?

Reservations for M.52 are open at We’ve seen tremendous excitement for the mower and reservations placed today are forecast to be fulfilled in 2026 or later as we’re busy meeting today’s waitlist. 

There is still plenty we’ll help you do in the meantime to prepare your operations for the transformative deployment of M.52–like assess your facility’s electrical infrastructure, identify where in your portfolio robots will create the biggest impact, and train up your teams on the technology–so make a reservation today before the wait gets even longer.


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