Scyther Spotlight: Daniel Fu

A Day in the Life of a Senior Firmware Engineer at Scythe

Senior firmware engineer Daniel Fu is equipped to confront a multitude of daily challenges head-on. With a commitment to effective communication and collaboration within Scythe, he embraces the dynamic nature of his role, prioritizing the resolution of high-priority issues with determination and efficiency.

What does a typical day at Scythe look like for you?

As a firmware engineer, I work in the space where hardware and software meet, which requires me to wear many different hats. Whether I’m collaborating with our field service technicians on a motor controller issue, teaming up with electrical engineers to bring up new PCBAs, or whiteboarding software/firmware architecture with system software engineers, each day brings a new set of challenges and opportunities. The unpredictability keeps me engaged, and when high-priority issues arise, my team and I drop everything to tackle them head-on. The sense of accomplishment I feel after resolving a difficult problem – after hours, days, or even weeks of effort – is incredibly gratifying.

During my work day, I also try to get a quick reset of the mind by staying active. My coworkers and I will go on early morning hikes before work, run mid-day, or hit a set of pullups at the office to get some blood flowing. 

2024Scythe-222 (1)Daniel (bottom left) with the Hardware Team at the 2024 Scythe Summit

What is a project you’re working on right now?

One of my ongoing projects is improving the control panel, which serves as the primary interface for M.52 operators. This interface, equipped with a large touch screen, displays live status updates and facilitates easy adjustments and settings for mowing. My role focuses on refining this interface to improve user experience and overall productivity. By creating a more intuitive and user-friendly system, I contribute to increased efficiency and reduced downtime for our customers. I also prioritize gathering feedback from the operators, using their experiences to design and develop important upgrades on future versions of the machine.

What is an accomplishment from your time at Scythe that you are most proud of? 

One of my proudest accomplishments was bringing the first of our fifth-generation robots to life. The advancements in both hardware and software were a huge step up from the previous generation, requiring the integration of numerous new designs into a cohesive system. To conduct full system bring-up and integration, I had to understand each subsystem well enough to identify and resolve issues quickly.

U02UXGHC7GS-2023-06-08T22_10_09Z-IMG_2033 (1)
Daniel has been instrumental in bringing up both the fifth and sixth generation (shown) robots 

The bring-up process presented many exciting challenges. Often, I needed to collaborate with subsystem experts after pinpointing problems, fostering extensive cross-functional teamwork across various engineering teams, from mechanical and electrical to software. Finally getting the first robot to power up and drive off the production line was an amazing feeling that I will never forget.

What advice would you give to someone hoping to work at Scythe?

Scythers are super passionate and care about the things they work on, so when a candidate shows similar enthusiasm about projects they’ve worked on in the past, or what they’re wanting to work on in the future, we really feed off of that energy and it gets us excited about bringing a new team member on board.

IMG_6004Teamwork on the slopes

Who is your favorite fictional robot?

My favorite fictional robot is Doraemon! It was one of my favorite shows to watch growing up. Doraemon is a cat robot that has a pocket where he pulls out all sorts of creative gadgets to try to solve issues in the main character’s daily life. He just seemed to have a gadget for every problem imaginable and it was just amazing.

What's your favorite office snack?

My go-to is nonfat plain greek yogurt with some granola. It’s easy, it’s delicious, it’s got protein. What more could you ask for?


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