Scythe Like Sci-Fi

What our name means and how to pronounce it

Hello, my name is ____________. 

When we decided to call our robotics company Scythe, we didn't expect to get almost as many questions about the name as we do the technology behind it!


So close, and probably the most common mispronunciation of our name. You may have even heard it chanted by well-meaning but unfortunately mistaken brand fans at one of our events. 


Another regular one we get that’s also incorrect. While we do have many Star Wars fans on staff, the dark side of the Force is not part of our founding story (but if you’re a commercial landscaper, these are the droids you’re looking for). 

S. C. Y. The Robotics? 

Yup, you read that right. We’ve legitimately been called S.C.Y. The Robotics. That is a useful way to remember the spelling, but it’s still not how you say our name. 

Scythe at L&L Tech

My name is (what??) 

Have you ever met someone at a party who mispronounces your name, but out of politeness you don’t correct them right away? Then they continue to call you by the wrong name for the rest of the evening and too much time passes for you to say anything without it being unbearably awkward? 

Well we’re about to get to that point in the evening and we’d like to set the record straight before either of us are embarrassed any further. Here is the official and definitive pronunciation of our name: 

“Scy” like “Sci-Fi” + “th” like the end of “fourth” or “fifth” = Sci-th 

(There is also a softer ending that is acceptable – “Sci-the” rhymes with “tithe” – but that tends to be more British and we are Made-In-America y’all!)

To make things a little easier, here’s a compilation of our team pronouncing our name for you: 


Inspired by the Past, Building the Future

The scythe is the original lawnmower. (Throwback!) It has a curved steel blade attached to a long shaft with handles and is used to clear grass for agricultural, recreational, and aesthetic purposes–exactly the same reasons we mow today.

Before scythes, people would literally use sheep to maintain their grasslands. Or small knives, both of which were wildly inefficient. While still slow by today’s standards, scythes of the agricultural era significantly advanced our ability to manage landscapes. They’ve generally fallen out of style, but you can still find scythe enthusiasts who share some pretty hypnotizing and relaxing videos on YouTube.

Scythe vs. Scythe

Fast forward to today where we at Scythe (with a capital S) are pioneering the first innovations of the autonomous era to further revolutionize how we maintain our outdoor spaces. Like scythes, our mowers seriously increase efficiency and are zero-emissions. They just mow much faster, with greater precision, and you won’t break a sweat.

A gamechanging solution named after an ancient tool? Well, robotics may be new, but irony is timeless. 

Side by Side Scythe Specs

Now that you know how to say our name, feel free to introduce us to your friends. Confidently share this post on social media knowing we won’t have to correct you. 


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