Scythe Opens Reservations For M.52

Landscape contractors can secure their spot in line for the industry’s most advanced autonomous commercial mower

Scythe Opens Reservations for M.52, the Landscape Industry’s Most Advanced Autonomous Commercial Mower

Boulder, CO – (Oct. 12, 2021) – Scythe Robotics is now taking reservations for M.52, the company’s 52-inch fully autonomous commercial mower. Landscape contractors can secure their spot in line with Scythe by making a reservation today, which will ensure them earlier access to M.52 as it becomes available in their region. Reservations for the industry’s most advanced robotic mower can be made at

With Scythe M.52, self-driving technology meets commercial-grade equipment to expand the capacity and performance of landscape crews. M.52 follows contours, tackles slopes and automatically adjusts striping patterns on its own for a consistently high-quality cut. The mower’s eight HDR cameras and advanced sensors enable it to identify obstacles on a property and safely navigate around them. And since it’s all-electric, M.52 can be charged overnight and run all day with zero emissions and substantially less noise than gas-powered mowers.

“Following our launch from stealth and first public exhibitions, the excitement about Scythe has continued to build across the landscape industry,” said Jack Morrison, co-founder and CEO of Scythe. “Customers are increasingly eager to deploy M.52 in their fleets, and now they can secure the opportunity to do so.”

 With 2022 production already reserved, 2023 reservations are expected to fill fast as landscape contractors look forward to the benefits M.52 can provide.

M.52 navigates complex commercial properties like no other robotic mower because it is purpose-built to handle the unique demands of commercial mowing, like large-scale areas, sloped landscapes and constantly changing obstacles. With M.52 on their trucks, landscape crews will be freed up to do higher value work and focus on the details that take a property from good to great, ultimately increasing client satisfaction.

They will also be able to use real-time data from the mower to identify additional service opportunities including adding seasonal color, pruning and preventive lawn and shrub care. And with software updates included M.52’s abilities will continue to improve, as will its impact on landscape contractors’ businesses. 

Check out Scythe M.52 in action.

Visit the Scythe team at the GIE + EXPO at Indoor Booth #9093 and Outdoor Booth #6031D for a personal demonstration of the mower that will change the way the industry approaches commercial mowing.

Step off your traditional mower and step up your landscape business today.

About Scythe Robotics

Scythe Robotics provides the commercial landscaping industry with powerful commercial-grade, all-electric autonomous equipment solutions for maintaining outdoor environments. The company’s first commercial mower has the most advanced autonomy technology on the market, bringing greater precision, sustainability and scale. Scythe Robotics is headquartered in Colorado. 

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